Connecting Insurance Providers with Crypto & Fiat Audiences

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Decentralized Insurance Distribution Network

We help companies easily scale their insurance products via our integrated network of digital wallets, banking relationships, e-commerce platforms and our marketplace web app.

Using proprietary smart contracts and validators, we remove the need for investment in distribution channels and safeguard procedures when launching microinsurance. We facilitate the money flow between all parties by compartmentalizing services. Providers see unit economic improvements and platforms get to increase their self-serve offerings seamlessly.

Benefits Across The Board

Insurance Providers

Spread insurance products rapidly to wide new audiences in crypto and traditional finance.

Digital Wallets & Banks

Add new revenue streams and increase user stickiness. Easily connect add-on services to any user journey in a self-serve manner.


Get access to a wide range of DeFi and TradFi products through a consistent experience.


Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 4+
1. New product type (protect)1. New product type (yield)1. New product types (loans, billpay, etc)1. New product types (mobile topup, etc)
2. New community channels & mods2. Ecosystem vault2. Compliance validator vault2. Product ambassador & championship programs
3. Additional industry partnerships3. Product validator vaults3. Launch compliance validator activities3. Whitelabel distribution
4. Release public marketplace4. Develop validator roles and reporting4. Launch governance activities4. Community outsourcing activities
5. Integrate with additional new wallet(s)5. Integrate with additional new wallet(s)

Phase 1 & 2

Deploy initial farms


Start onboarding protection products and distribution partners


Additional industry partnerships


Release public marketplace


Phase 3