Who we are

We are bridge builders with a common passion to make microfinance easily accessible for crypto and non-crypto natives around the world.

We envision a world of borderless finance and equal access to financial products.

Sharing a passion for mass marketing fintech products to emerging markets, co-founders Gregor Arn & Barry Hurley have over 15 years of experience sucessfully introducing financial infrastructure where it is needed most. Having uncovered the substantial opportunities to create real-world problem solving produts with DeFi, they are now building their most exciting project to date; a distribution gateway between DeFi and TradFi, with the goal to leverage the significant efficiencies that DeFi structures provide. The mission? To improve global financial inclusion.

At Verso, we like to do things right. Ranging from our sustainable validator rewards mechanism, to our focus on democratizing highly useful products. We are helping power the platforms that will provide the highest levels of integrated access to financial products.