Summer Transparency Report

Summer is wrapping up and it is time for another transparency recap. Here are our statements regarding some of the product and team questions you have expressed. The Verso Summer Transparency Report. Partners Throughout the past month we’ve had some great conversations and acquired new partners that will become very relevant in the future. Unfortunately, […]

Insurance Opportunities in GameFi

Insurance Opportunities in GameFi – New ways of value transfer are opening up as we are able to create products around in-game assets. What is GameFi? GameFi refers to blockchain games that offer economic incentives to the people that play them. The idea is self-explanatory — play and earn financial incentives for game progression. Not […]

Parametric Insurance: The next big capital pool in DeFi

Parametric Insurance: The next big capital pool in DeFi – The opportunities to harness the power of blockchain and adapt it to insurance solutions seem endless. Let’s talk about parametric insurance and why this is blockchain’s next gateway for new users. What is Parametric Insurance? Conventional insurance indemnifies the policyholder for the loss it incurs […]

DeFi Trading Incentives Explained

The first fully decentralized trading incentive tools have arrived to DeFi, starting with the Avalanche blockchain. *Article originally posted on May 17 on Verso’s Medium page* Verso partners with Pera Finance to boost its trading volume with DeFi’s first ever swap farms. DeFi is largely shifting its attention to the fact that inflationary liquidity mining […]

Moving from Stake-and-Lock Pools to The Crew’s Vault

Moving from Stake-and-Lock Pools to The Crew’s Vault *mic static* Attention, Crew. The 180-day stake-and-lock pool, which began on January 17th 2022, begins to mature on Saturday July the 16th. This means that if you have staked VSO tokens in that pool at its inception, your tokens will soon be unlocked and you will be […]

Blueprint Update: Verso Is Focusing on Insurance

Blueprint Update: Verso Is Focusing on Insurance – Over the past months we have inked many partnerships with fantastic insurance players both from the DeFi and TradFi spaces. We have also been talking to several potential investors and advisors and have gathered great feedback. One of the key takeaways of all these meetings is that […]

Introducing The Crew’s Vault, The Fuel Vault, and xVSO

Introducing The Crew’s Vault, The Fuel Vault, and xVSO. *mic static* Attention, Crew… 📡 The Head Builders call you to the Station’s main deck to inform you of long-awaited news! TL;DR: Introducing revenue distribution model with veTokenomics. xVSO: the more VSO tokens or LP tokens you stake, for longer, the more xVSO you accumulate revenue […]

Degis & Verso Partner Up

Let’s welcome some new guests on our space station! A group of Degis Kingdom Soldiers have assembled and they have come a long way to find key collaborators with whom to promote DeFi insurance. In short, two of your favourite avalanche native protocols, Verso Finance and Degis, have decided to unroll a fresh parchment and […]

Corporations Are Increasingly Adopting Crypto

Are we really that early? The volatile price market cycles gives the impression of an unmatured industry. Despite gaining an exponential global awareness in the last few years, crypto has ways to go before mainstream and corporate acceptance. The future is bright though; corporations are increasingly adopting crypto. Blockchain as a technology has been evolving […]

Verso Enters Into Partnership with

The Verso Station is well on its mission to connect with fellow Stations and Satellites for product partnerships. Our aim is simple. Find advanced tech pioneers to jointly bring amazing products to our community and beyond. We are proud to announce that we have linked ties with yet another great partner and fantastic innovator of […]

Underwriting Redefined, Verso & Ensuro Team Up

Just recently we hosted a Twitter space between Marco, CEO of Ensuro, and Gregor on the future of underwriting capital. Both founders shared their ambitions and thoughts on how capital can be pooled in the future and reached a conclusion; The process can be heavily simplified through DeFi. The strategic opportunities that come from working […]

Web3 Insurtech Project Showcase

We’re still processing all the alpha that was gathered at the Avalanche Summit. It was amazing to feel the explosive development of this community that makes you realize that the future is already old. Yes, the center of attention revolved around the growth of subnets and the opportunities this brings to the GameFi realm, interoperability-focused […]

March 2022 Transparency Recap 🔷

VMarch 2022 Transparency Recap 🔷 The flowers are blooming, the snow is melting, & the Head Builders came down from their modules for a hot second. Let’s recap what happened this month in our March 2022 Transparency Recap. Marketplace Launch 🔥 We launched the marketplace!🔥 This milestone marks a significant shift for our project and allows us wider […]

VSO’s RSS feed now on

VSO’s RSS feed is now on and integrated with their price page. Access the Verso (VSO) Price Page. This feature will enable users to obtain the latest news and updates on Verso. users can stay on top of the latest updates regarding Verso’s products and services in addition to access to the latest VSO […]

Financial Product Marketplace NOW LIVE

Dive in, and explore our new financial product marketplace which is NOW LIVE. It is DeFi’s first distribution platform for financial products. As one of four distribution channels, the Marketplace app will be a go-to place for the crypto community to find innovative financial products from DeFi and TradFi providers. This marketplace kicks off with […]