Verso Finance partners up with HurricaneSwap

HurricaneSwap is a proprietary cross-chain liquidity DEX (decentralized exchange) built on Avalanche. The primary goal of HurricaneSwap is to provide users with a better transaction experience on Avalanche.  For this event, Verso will support the liquidity of HurricaneToken (HCT) with a farm of the VSO-HCT pair. Stay tuned for future updates on farming dates.  About HurricaneSwap […]

Defi 2.0: The Next Wave in Crypto

Introduction Things are not getting any easier for those who want to stay current in the lightning-fast DeFi world. Just when you think you are updated with the latest token or protocol, something new comes along, and to be honest, having half of Twitter’s Feed full of JPEGs does not facilitate the task.  Everyday is […]

Verso Finance is partnering up with Dash Next

We’re excited to announce that Verso Finance — a decentralized marketplace for financial products — is partnering up with Dash Next, a leading decentralized payment solution with a merchant network combining over 155,000 vendors and online retailers around the globe.  Verso and Dash Next are entering into a strategic partnership to bring on-demand microfinance to consumers as an […]

OlympusDAO and Tokemak: an overview

To keep token prices healthy and protocols afloat, DeFi has mainly relied on liquidity mining efforts through projects allocating part of their issuance to distribute rewards to those who stake liquidity provider tokens. As we wrote in previous articles, however, this is an unsustainable practice within the ecosystem. Since liquidity is the backbone of DeFi, […]

Interview with Daria Varha (Marketing Lead)

Can you briefly explain your role within Verso Finance? I am the Marketing Lead for Verso, and I am the person you will encounter in every heated discussion, as well as at the forefront of promotional and growth-targeted activities.  Don’t tell the other guys, but I think my job is the most satisfying since I […]

Bridging in Crypto: from Surge to Lifestyle

Since DeFi summer 2020, the entire crypto ecosystem has seen a monumental increase in the number of projects, size of their communities, and total value locked (TVL) in them. Unlike last year, however, where most protocols would launch on Ethereum, 2021 has shown that DeFi, NFTs, and many other projects can scale horizontally — and vertically, as […]

Quarterly Product Update from Gregor Arn

With Q4 around the corner, our CEO Gregor Arn has prepared a summary of the topics we’ve been working on in the past quarter and is excited to share what is coming in Q4 for Verso Product & the community alike. Timecodes for most important topics: Q3 revisit & summary at 0:58 Q4 plans at 9:52 Community […]

Interview with Pascal Kurzawa (Ecosystem Development Lead)

Can you briefly explain your role within Verso Finance? I am the Ecosystem Development Lead and mainly responsible for business development and partnership management around financial institutions, wallet providers and crypto experts. In addition I aim for VSO to launch on some of the largest exchanges within the next few years to utilize Verso’s full […]

The Mechanics of Yield Farming and Yield Aggregators

Yield Farming is a popular topic nowadays, not many understand the mechanism behind it. The VSO token is present in some automated yield farming protocols, so we are going to dive deeper into how these protocols work. Let’s take a look at the inner mechanics of yield farming protocols, since it is a complex subject […]

What is the Utility of the VSO token?

What is Verso Finance? Verso Finance is a decentralized marketplace which is standardizing how financial products are created, distributed and settled. In order to create, distribute and settle these financial products Verso Finance created the Verso Token (VSO) on the Avalanche C Chain.  The VSO Token is used for a variety of purposes such as […]

Interview with Barry Hurley (Product Lead @Verso Finance)

  Can you briefly explain your role within Verso Finance? I am the Product Lead within Verso. My role is to design and build the integrations between Verso and various Wallet Providers on one side, and between Verso and Product Providers on the other side.   What got you interested in Blockchain in the first […]

Q3 Product Update from Gregor Arn

We tried to provide you with a summary of the topics we’ve been working on recently and also a bit of a sneak peek into some of our plans for Q4. Please join our AMA on 16 August at 7 pm GMT if you have questions, or submit them beforehand here. Got any questions or would […]

Yield farming: How to Start Generating Passive Income With Crypto

Inflation all over the world is at an all-time high. Governments, in particular, have been printing money at an uncontrollable pace with almost a fifth of all U.S dollars in existence being printed in 2020 alone. In contracts, Bitcoin’s limited supply (unlike fiat money which can be printed continuously and therefore devalued over time) makes […]

The Rise of DeFi

Decentralized finance, better known by the abbreviation DeFi, has had quite the moment in recent months. The total value locked (TVL) in DeFi projects assumed a parabolic rise from its initial value below $1 billion a year ago, going past $80 billion. Granted, while this might be a great indicator of a promising start, these numbers are […]

Cryptos Impact On The Environment

Since the rise of cryptocurrency, many individuals and corporations have welcomed the revolutionary digital asset as a global unifier. However, very few people paid attention to the adverse impact on the environment. Although the traditional financial industry constantly viewed cryptos as tools without good intent for the average user, the industry has made great progress, […]

Verso ($VSO) is the first token available for staking in the DCTDAO Yield Farming Program

This is an exciting day for our investors and members of the Verso community. The DCTDAO Decentralized Exchange has started its Yield Farming Program.  In recognition of the excitement that Verso and our $VSO token have generated in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, our token has been chosen to be part of the first pairing eligible for rewards from […]

Verso announces participation in upcoming DCTDAO Yield Farming Program

DCTDAO is launching yield farming opportunities for both Avalanche and Ethereum users, on Avalanche. Those looking to bring liquidity over to Avalanche can easily transfer ETH with their $2 Bridge. Starting next week, our investors will be able to buy and stake $VSO and other tokens on DCTDAO’s decentralized exchange and receive yields of up to […]

Intermediaries – The Silent Tax Collectors

Small businesses have to accept multiple payment methods. This allows them to serve the needs of their customers more efficiently. Otherwise, the customers would end up having serious restrictions in terms of what they can actually buy. One issue with this is the fact that while most business owners remember the day they signed up […]