DCTDAO Introduces Cross-Chain DEX On/Off Ramp for Verso token

DCTDAO is a new cross-chain decentralised exchange (DEX) that is a member of the TrustSwap Incubator. This exchange is on a mission to help defragment the blockchain ecosystem and accelerate DeFi adoption by eliminating or lowering fees.

DCTDAO has teamed up with Verso, the decentralised financial product marketplace, to offer a Cross-Chain on/off ramp for Verso’s token. This new on/off ramp will create an easy solution for swapping, and farming Verso token on a secure, and cost effective decentralised exchange.

For more on DCTDAO visit DCTDAO.org, and learn more about their quantum resistant Cross-Chain DEX with bridging.

For more details on Verso, visit www.verso.finance. Verso is built for the regulated financial service industry and community-governed by its participants, which comprises financial service providers and regulated financial institutions. It uses proprietary smart contracts to facilitate the distribution and product-specific money flow between service providers, financial institutions and their customers.

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