Degis & Verso Partner Up


Let’s welcome some new guests on our space station! A group of Degis Kingdom Soldiers have assembled and they have come a long way to find key collaborators with whom to promote DeFi insurance. In short, two of your favourite avalanche native protocols, Verso Finance and Degis, have decided to unroll a fresh parchment and ink a brand new partnership. Knights in Space! Degis & Verso Partner Up.

Degis comes from the word “egis” , meaning shield in Greek. Degis is a DeFi protection protocol built on Avalanche with an ambition to become a universal blockchain insurance provider and that shapes the blockchain protection ecosystem. They are building a next-generation protocol focusing on protecting, earning and playing.

We will be embedding Degis’ innovative products into our distribution channels to help distribute them and bring a knight to anyone who needs to protect themselves. Another goal of this partnership is to jointly drive the narrative behind the need for insurance in the DeFi ecosystem. This means both projects will cross promote each other’s releases while following joint marketing exercises.

The space station is becoming more and more crowded. Koalas and Knights what a great combo! Time to dock onto some new distribution channels and help scale everybody. Stay tuned for more updates and a very warm welcome to the Knights of Degis.

About Degis

Degis is the next-generation protection protocol designed to keep you and your assets free from both on-chain and off-chain risks, bridging the physical and the digital world.

Website | Twitter Telegram | Discord

About Verso Finance

Verso is built for the regulated financial service industry and bridges the gap between traditional finance (TradFi) and DeFi by standardizing how financial products get distributed and connected to consumers via e-wallets, banks, and e-commerce platforms.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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Degis & Verso Partner Up

Let’s welcome some new guests on our space station! A group of Degis Kingdom Soldiers have assembled and they have come a long way to

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