March 2022 Transparency Recap 🔷

03/31 Transparency Recap

VMarch 2022 Transparency Recap 🔷

The flowers are blooming, the snow is melting, & the Head Builders came down from their modules for a hot second. Let’s recap what happened this month in our March 2022 Transparency Recap.

Marketplace Launch

🔥 We launched the marketplace!🔥 This milestone marks a significant shift for our project and allows us wider opportunities to set in motion more advertising strategies and partnerships. (Meaning, we are increasing our reach with meaningful campaigns and can build onboarding funnels. Aswell, we can now attract and accept more partnerships at a faster rate). Many functions and features are still to come including more wallets onboarded, ecosystem/validator vaults, validator roles – you get it.

Farm Launches

Long term $VSO holders will remember that Verso and Trader Joe collaborated on their first ever Farmer’s Market farm. We’re delighted to renew that relationship and excited to be able to offer double rewards in $VSO and $JOE for the VSO-AVAX LP. New VSO/AVAX LP farm on Trader Joe:

We’re also very excited about our new new Trader Joe LP farm on Yield Yak:

Want some more? Comment on our or

Check out all farms here.

Avalanche Summit

Our entire team flew from all over the world to attend the Avalanche Summit and to all meet in person for the first time. 0xTokenGrapher had the time of his life. We have never been so exposed to crypto and inspired by the space. We chatted about innovation and ideas with fellow protocols all day long, we pitched Verso, and found ways to collaborate and ideated a ton of ideas.

Global Presence

As they say, in crypto, your network is everything. Given the large success and return on our event attendance, we have decided to increase this effort. We are an international team, global event attendance is simple. We will aim to have a presence at at least one event per month. In terms of last month, we attended Insurtech in the UK, and the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona. Both of these events have been great successes for the project as we completed our goal: to learn from the space and cement new partnerships.

Contest Rewards

Recently we have been a little slow at paying out some contest rewards, we are aware and are working to improve this. Timelines aside, we’d like to ensure the community that we always give out rewards that are due.

Wen xVSO?


xVSO will be a new mechanism for use in the Ecosystem Rewards Vault, coming in phase 3. The basic idea is that the longer you stake your $VSO (either in the stake-and-lock pools, or in our LPs) the more you will be entitled to earn from regular ongoing rewards. This is specially designed to reward long-term holders and those with funds locked in our stake-&-lock pools.


Hint 1: ⛓️

Tune into our live fireside chat and AMA Today, Friday April 1st, 3PM UTC where we will be joined by Marco Mirabella from Ensuro and will discuss the future of underwriting capital. As always, we will answer any questions you may have. Location twitter spaces: Questions: Submit a Question for AMA for the March 2022 Transparency Recap.

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March 2022 Transparency Recap 🔷

VMarch 2022 Transparency Recap 🔷 The flowers are blooming, the snow is melting, & the Head Builders came down from their modules for a hot second.

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