Moving from Stake-and-Lock Pools to The Crew’s Vault


Moving from Stake-and-Lock Pools to The Crew’s Vault

*mic static*

Attention, Crew.

The 180-day stake-and-lock pool, which began on January 17th 2022, begins to mature on Saturday July the 16th.

This means that if you have staked VSO tokens in that pool at its inception, your tokens will soon be unlocked and you will be able to choose one of the following options:

1) Stake them in the 30-day stake-and-lock pool.

This way, you will earn yield on your VSO while we finish working on the Crew’s Vault. We expect to release it in the next couple of weeks.

Additionally, if the Crew’s Vault is deployed before you’re able to unstake from the 30-day stake-and-lock pool, you will also be entitled to xVSO, for the corresponding period.

2) Provide liquidity for VSO-AVAX and stake LP tokens in the Fuel Vault

You can still earn xVSO for staking in the Fuel Vault if you’re a liquidity provider either in the Pangolin or Trader Joe VSO-AVAX pool.

3) Leave them staked in the 180-day stake-and-lock pool

Leave your tokens in the 180-day pool while we finish working on the Crew’s Vault. By not withdrawing your VSO from the stake-and-lock pools, you will also earn xVSO until you finally withdraw them.

Feel free to ask us any questions in out Telegram or Discord

Moving from Stake-and-Lock Pools to The Crew’s Vault

Station Controller, signing out.

*mic static*

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