Our $VSO token has been listed on Gate.io and the Pangolin exchange

This has been a fantastic week for Verso Finance.

Last weekend the public sale of the VSO token happened on the TrustSwap Launchpad. TrustSwap stakers who fulfilled the mandatory conditions partnered with us on our journey to become the world’s largest decentralized marketplace connecting CeFi with DeFi. For the first time the interest for a DeFi project on TrustSwap was so great that the servers of the KYC provider crashed several times. 

Today, the VSO token was officially listed on Gate.io at 14:00 hours (UTC) and also on Pangolin, Avalanche’s own DEX (Decentralized exchange). The amount was raised during the first 15 minutes and the project ended up oversubscribed with over 15,000% raised of the amount quoted and over 14,000 contributors, putting Verso Finance among the Top 3 raises ever on Gate.io

To our community of investors – we can’t thank you enough. Our team is working hard on the Verso Network and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

Our community is hyped but so are ‘bad’ players. The token listing event is completed but scammers still attempt to fool our community into malpractices, which is why we have to issue several warnings:

  • Beware of fake Telegram channels. Get updates on the latest happenings around the Verso project on our official Telegram channel 
  • Use our official Telegram channel to also ask for support and report possible frauds
  • The VSO private and public sale has been concluded. Please do not entertain any actors claiming to offer a pre-sale opportunity for VSO tokens 
  • We will never contact you first asking you if ‘everything is okay’ or use investment language
  • If you receive a private message from someone claiming to represent Verso Team or AmaZix, please forward their message to @amazix_mod_bot to verify their identity. Verso admins will NEVER message you first.
  • We do not ask you to send funds to us directly or to any alternative payment address

Once again, we thank all our supporters, our backers, and our community for being with us so far. 

To stay updated on the further developments around Verso, use the following links:

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