Regional insurtech Igloo and Verso Finance to enter into a strategic partnership

We’re excited to announce that Verso Finance — a decentralized marketplace for financial products — is entering into a strategic partnership with Singapore-based regional insurtech Igloo

Igloo provides a wide range of innovative insurance products including cyber risk and travel insurance. The company was founded by Wei Zhu – former CTO of Grab, one of Southeast Asia’s most valuable super apps. 

Igloo aims to make insurance accessible and affordable using data and technology. It currently operates across Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia and has facilitated over 130 million insurance policies sold through its partners’ platform in industries that range across e-commerce, logistics, automobiles, transportation, telecommunication, banking, travel and hospitality, and the gig economy.

Verso and Igloo are entering into a strategic partnership to bring on-demand insurance products to consumers.

Igloo will partner with Verso to embed insurance products into the user journey of a Singapore-based e-wallet.

About Igloo 

Igloo is a full-stack insurtech startup founded in 2016. It leverages big data, real-time risk assessment, and end-to-end automated claims management to create innovative B2B2C insurance solutions for platform partners and insurers. Igloo’s insurance solutions enable companies to eliminate their exposure to operational risk, create new revenue streams and optimise and enhance the existing products.


About Verso Finance

Verso is built for the regulated financial service industry and bridges the gap between traditional finance (CeFi) and DeFi by standardizing how financial products get distributed and connected to consumers via e-wallets, banks, and payment networks. 

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