Verso February 2022 Transparency Recap


The time has come again to provide our community with some clear comms. Welcome to the February 2022 Transparency Recap. Some of these items have already been covered recently, this article serves to recap all information in one spot — clear and accessible.

Recap topics of what we’ve done this month:

1) Updated the reported VSO Circulating Supply Amount

The reported circulating supply has been corrected on Coinmarketcap. We are still waiting on Coingecko to update their reported supply amount. There’s really good news about all of this. Regardless of VSO sums becoming liquid due to staking pool unlocks, we’d like to highlight that our price has remained stable(with no major dumps) albeit winter-market moves that have impacted almost all coins. As a VSO holder, the larger circulating supply means a decrease in the level of risk concerning your hold. 80% of our token is currently in circulation. These numbers are also a testament to the strength of our community and belief in the project as we work towards the imminent launch of our public marketplace.

2) Launched the Station and Discord

Yesterday we launched the Station, the all-encompassing representation of the Verso ecosystem we are working to build. As stated, the release of this enhanced community identity marks the official start of Verso’s commitment to more transparent communication and greater marketing efforts. To support the new storyline, we launched a Discord server which will now become our official community platform. 👀 Most importantly, this marks the start of the buildup towards the launch of our next distribution channel, the marketplace, and subsequent products in the same phase.

3) Inked a Partnership with Koala

On the 11th, we announced a partnership with Koala who we are excited to be collaborating with from a product and content perspective. More details will come soon on the products that we will be launching with them.

4) Joined the Embedded Finance Observatory in Europe

We have been chosen to join the observatory which comprises some of the largest players in the insurtech industry (Wakam, Qover, and Boltech are some of the biggest projects in their portfolio). This membership will provide us with multiple opportunities to establish strategic collaborations around the world.

5) New Language Channels

We have introduced new Spanish and Portuguese channels on our Discord. These languages have been chosen as we have a strong Latino presence on the team and these are languages we can comfortably grow in-house with no reliance on external moderators from the start. The Latin American market is also huge with a demonstrated interest in cryptocurrencies. We have started to approach Latin American-based projects and Spanish/Portuguese speaking channels proposing marketing collabs. A public push for members in these communities to join our channels will be done once we have solidified some promotional collaborations.

6) Opened The SWAP/VSO 25-day Farming Pool with Bonus Rewards

At the start of the month, we launched the SWAP/VSO farming pool on TrustSwap which ended on February 25. We hosted a 55k lucky draw where 11 winners won 5000 VSO. TrustSwap has sent the winners their rewards. The list of stakers who performed the extra tasks according to the rules is currently being compiled and TrustSwap will be releasing the rest of the rewards soon. For those who asked, this token release was a part of our contractual agreement with TrustSwap as part of their incubator program that we participated in.

7) We’ve Officially Transitioned to our New Moderation Team

As of today, we have fully transitioned to our new moderation teams across channels (Global and Chinese). The English Telegram and Discord will now be moderated by 5 community–born moderators, with a waiting list of 5 interested members in reserve. We handpicked these members because of their consistent and proven dedication and positive involvement in our community for an extended period of time. Moving forward, we will open up the floor to general applications for moderation opportunities and will be introducing a more objective selection process as we aim to grow our language channels at a faster pace and wish to give everyone an equal opportunity to get involved. We have also transitioned our Chinese channels to a new external team called The Future Hour who we plan to meet up with at the Avalanche Summit. We are quite pleased with the increased channel engagement they have generated so far.

Finally, the Spanish and Portuguese channels will be moderated part time by Carina, Fabricio, and 0xTokenGrapher, all Verso Head Builders. We will look for additional mod support once these channels reach at least 1000 members respectively.

8) New Website Launch

Now that we’ve released our new identity material, the website will be made live in the next couple of days. Moving forward, we will continue to add functionalities and improve on the design and content. We are redesigning the Verso stake-&-lock page which will be made live soon as well!

Moving forward:

Community Suggestions

We actively welcome suggestions and are very happy to work with the community to help increase the strength of the project and it’s advertising.

We wish to make one thing clear; please keep your feedback respectful and actually helpful.

We will be cracking down on repetitive non-constructive criticism. If you wish to be heard, please provide a suggestion with your feedback — in return we will look into all viable suggestions.

Industry Events

The whole core team will be attending the Avalanche Summit, we look forward to meeting our community members, fellow members of other projects, and potential new partners. We are planning to actively participate in the summit.

Gregor will also speak at the summit- Speaking time: 12pm — March 23 🔥

Our Ecosystem Development Lead Pascal will be attending this year’s Insurtech event in London on the 3rd week of March, just prior to the summit. This is the largest insurtch conference in Europe with some of the most renowned industry professionals attending.

Tune into our live fireside chat and AMA Today, Wednesday March 2nd, 2PM UTC where we will take you through the map, our inspiration, extra insights, the February 2022 Transparency Recap, and answer any questions you may have. Location twitter spaces: Questions: Submit a Question for AMA.

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